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Observation Detail

Retrieves information about an Observation.

Request Method: GET


This endpoint takes no parameters.


Observation object.

Example Request

observation = conn.experiments(EXPERIMENT_ID).observations(OBSERVATION_ID).fetch()
  "assignments": {
    "degree": 2,
    "gamma": 3.6,
    "kernel": "rbf"
  "created": 1414800000,
  "experiment": "1",
  "failed": false,
  "id": "1",
  "metadata": null,
  "object": "observation",
  "suggestion": "1",
  "value": 1,
  "value_stddev": null,
  "values": [
      "name": "Accuracy",
      "object": "metric_evaluation",
      "value": 1,
      "value_stddev": null