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Best Assignments Object

The best observed data from an experiment. A Pagination of these objects is returned from the Best Assignments List endpoint. If the experiment has one optimized metric, this contains only the best observed result. See our discussion on Metric Constraints to learn how the Best Assignments are modifed when you specify thresholds on additonal metrics. See our discussion on Multisolution Experiments for experiments with more than one solution. See our discussion on the Pareto frontier for experiments with more than one optimized metric.


assignmentsAssignmentsThe parameter values associated with the best trial.
idstringThe unique ID of the corresponding observation.
valuefloatThe metric value observed for assignments.
value_stddevfloatThe standard deviation in value that was observed.
valuesarray<Metric Evaluation>An array of Metric Evaluation objects recording the values and other associated information for each metric in a given observation. This is available for both single metric and multimetric experiments. Values appear in alphabetical order by the metric name.