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Checkpoint Object

Only relevant for a Training Monitor experiment. An object containing one step of progress for a Training Run.


createdintThe timestamp (in seconds since epoch) that this checkpoint was created.
idstringA unique ID for this checkpoint.
metadataMetadataOptional user-provided object. See Using Metadata for more information.
should_stopbooleanWhether certain factors suggest that the training run could be stopped at this checkpoint. At present, these factors include having reached the maximum number of checkpoints, or having satisfied all of the early stopping criteria.
stopping_reasonsMap[string]<bool>Names of early stopping criteria and whether they have been satisfied at this checkpoint.
training_runstringThe id of the Training Run to which this checkpoint is associated.


  "created": 1554912878,
  "id": "27434",
  "metadata": {
    "model_location": ""
  "should_stop": false,
  "stopping_reasons": {
    "Look Back 2 Steps": false
  "training_run": "1661",
  "values": [
      "name": "Validation Accuracy",
      "object": "metric_evaluation",
      "value": 0.76543,
      "value_stddev": null