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Plan Object

A description of the SigOpt features a client has currently enabled. This object is currently in beta and may be changed in the future. For that reason, fields that are undocumented should be considered to be experimental and may disappear without notice.


current_periodPlan PeriodA description of the current time period for this plan.
idstringA unique identifier for this plan.
namestringA human-readable description of this plan.
rulesPlan RulesThe features enabled by this plan.


  "current_period": {
    "end": 1417392000,
    "experiments": [
    "object": "plan_period",
    "start": 1414800000
  "name": "SigOpt Premium",
  "object": "plan",
  "rules": {
    "max_categorical_breadth": 6,
    "max_checkpoints": null,
    "max_clients": null,
    "max_conditionals_breadth": 3,
    "max_constraints": null,
    "max_dimension": 10,
    "max_experiments": 10,
    "max_extra_failures": null,
    "max_metrics": null,
    "max_num_search_metrics": null,
    "max_observations": 150,
    "max_optimized_grid_length": null,
    "max_parallelism": 6,
    "max_solutions": null,
    "max_storage_bytes": null,
    "max_users": null,
    "mpm_enabled": null,
    "object": "plan_rules",
    "supports_benchmarking": null,
    "supports_multitask": null,
    "supports_saml": null