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Plan Rules Object

A description of what a client is allowed to do under a specific plan.


max_categorical_breadthintHow many distinct categorical values experiments can have across all parameters.
max_checkpointsintThe max number of training monitor checkpoints that can be created during a training run.
max_clientsintHow many individual clients (teams) can use the product.
max_conditionals_breadthintHow many distinct conditional values experiments can have across all parameters.
max_constraintsintHow many parameter constraints experiments can have.
max_dimensionintHow many parameters experiments can have.
max_experimentsintHow many experiments the client is allowed to create in each period.
max_extra_failuresintHow many failed observations are allowed to occur.
max_metricsintHow many metrics can be optimized at once. Does not include unoptimized metrics.
max_observationsintHow many observations each experiment can have.
max_parallelismintHow many open suggestions each experiment can have concurrently.
max_solutionsintHow many solutions experiments can have.
max_usersintHow many users the organization can have.
supports_benchmarkingbooleanWhether creating random and grid experiments is allowed.
supports_multitaskbooleanWhether multitask experiments are allowed.


  "max_categorical_breadth": 6,
  "max_checkpoints": null,
  "max_clients": null,
  "max_conditionals_breadth": 3,
  "max_constraints": null,
  "max_dimension": 10,
  "max_experiments": 10,
  "max_extra_failures": null,
  "max_metrics": null,
  "max_num_search_metrics": null,
  "max_observations": 150,
  "max_optimized_grid_length": null,
  "max_parallelism": 6,
  "max_solutions": null,
  "max_storage_bytes": null,
  "max_users": null,
  "mpm_enabled": null,
  "object": "plan_rules",
  "supports_benchmarking": null,
  "supports_multitask": null,
  "supports_saml": null