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Project Object


Projects allow you to organize your SigOpt activity while you iterate on your experiments. You can create a new project from the Projects page. Many experiments can be added to a project on the Experiments page, and you can put new experiments directly in a project when you create them.


clientstringThe id of the Client for this project.
createdintThe timestamp (in seconds since epoch) that this project was created.
idstringA unique ID for this project. You provide this when creating the project.
metadataMetadataOptional user-provided object. See Using Metadata for more information.
namestringA user-specified name for this project.
updatedintThe timestamp (in seconds since epoch) that this project was last updated.
userstringThe id of the user who created this project.

Supported Endpoints


  "client": "1",
  "created": 1414800000,
  "deleted": false,
  "experiment_count": 1,
  "id": "classification-models",
  "metadata": null,
  "name": "Classification Models",
  "object": "project",
  "training_run_count": 2,
  "updated": 1446422400,
  "user": "1234"