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Token Object

An object that allows read or write access to a given experiment.


all_experimentsbooleanA boolean indicating whether or not the token grants access to all the client's experiments.
clientstringThe id of the Client who created this token.
experimentstringThe id of the Experiment accessible by this token.
permissionsstringThe type of permission this token can grant. Tokens may grant either read or write access.
tokenstringThe token string that can be used to connect to the SigOpt API and gain access to the specified experiment.
userstringThe id of the user that is granted the token. For guest tokens, the guest is not required to have a SigOpt user id.

Supported Endpoints

POST/experiments/EXPERIMENT_ID/tokensExperiment Token Create


  "all_experiments": false,
  "client": "1",
  "development": false,
  "experiment": "1",
  "expires": 2592000,
  "lease_length": null,
  "object": "token",
  "organization": "1",
  "permissions": "read",
  "scope": "all_endpoints",
  "token_type": "guest",
  "training_run": null,
  "user": null