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Training Run Object

Only relevant for a Training Monitor experiment. An object that organizes the progress and history of a neural network training.


best_checkpointstringThe id of the best Checkpoint (with the highest metric value) recorded during this training.
checkpoint_countintThe number of checkpoints associated with this training run.
createdintThe timestamp (in seconds since epoch) that this training run was created.
finishedbooleanWhether the training run has finished and an observation has been created.
idstringA unique ID for this training run.
metadataMetadataOptional user-provided object. See Using Metadata for more information.
observationstringThe id of the Observation that was produced when this training run finished.
suggestionstringThe id of the Suggestion that provided the assignments for this training run.
updatedintThe timestamp (in seconds since epoch) that this training run was last updated.

Supported Endpoints


  "best_checkpoint": "27434",
  "checkpoint_count": 1,
  "created": 1554912590,
  "finished": false,
  "id": "1661",
  "metadata": {
    "machine_id": "i-0327d96aed2f59f1c"
  "observation": null,
  "suggestion": "63983",
  "updated": 1554912878