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Duplicate Experiment

SigOpt supports duplicating experiments through both the web and API. Duplicate experiments will have the same parameters as the original experiment, but duplicates will not have any Observations or Suggestions.

From the Web

The web interface supports duplicating experiments though the experiment properties page. Navigate to the experiment you'd like to duplicate, find properties in the sidebar, then hit the “duplicate experiment” button to create a replica of your experiment.

From the API

Below is a code snippet to duplicate experiments using our Python client:

experiment = conn.experiments(EXPERIMENT_ID).fetch()

Step-by-step duplicating through the API:

  • Fetch the most recent copy of your experiment
  • (If using the python client) grab an easy-to-copy format of your object
  • Create a new object from the fields from your old experiment that are supported by Experiment Create
  • Call experiment create using the new object as the json data