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Suggestion Object


A representation of the parameters that SigOpt has suggested. Contains a list of parameters and their suggested values.


assignmentsAssignmentsThe parameter values that SigOpt recommends you try next.
createdintThe timestamp (in seconds since epoch) that this suggestion was created.
experimentstringThe id of the Experiment for this suggestion.
idstringA unique ID for this suggestion.
metadataMetadataOptional user-provided object. See Using Metadata for more information.
statestringopen by default, closed when an Observation reports on this suggestion.


  "assignments": {
    "degree": 2,
    "gamma": 3.6,
    "kernel": "rbf"
  "created": 1414800000,
  "deleted": null,
  "experiment": "1",
  "id": "1",
  "metadata": null,
  "object": "suggestion",
  "state": "closed"